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How to Buy

-  Vehicle Auctions are held every Saturday at 10:00 am. 

-  Daily vehicle viewing is from Monday through Saturday.

-  Open late Friday evenings.

-  Register to bid all day Saturday at the front office.  Gates open at 9:00am.

-  Registration is Free. All bidders must register prior to bidding.

-  A Drivers License is required.

-  A $750 deposit is required after each winning bid.

Payment Methods

  1. Cash
  2. Debit  (contact your bank regarding daily limits)
  3. Money Order/Bank Draft
  4. M/C & Visa -   Additional merchant fee to use this option.
  5. Sorry No Cheques will be accepted.


  • -  A fixed $35 documentation fee.
  • -   A variable buyers fee is calculated according to the winning bid price. (see chart)
  • -  All applicable taxes will be added to the purchase price of all taxable items.


  • -  Vehicle declarations will be declared.
  • -  The highest bidder shall be the purchaser.
  • -  Bidders cannot retract their bids.
  • -  The purchaser is responsible to view the vehicle prior to bidding.
  • -  Payment in full or a deposit of $750 is required Saturday after each winning bid.
  • -  The balance to be paid in full the next business day Monday 10am – 3pm.



Insurance representatives will be on location for insurance on vehicles paid in full.


Vehicle Declarations

Auctioneer will announce declarations if any apply.

HO$2K:  Former collective claim with ICBC $2OOO +. Includes Glass claims.

Claims are now rectified & passed inspection.

OOP:      Vehicle originated outside of BC. Inspection passed & now has BC title.

NIR:       Vehicle title originates outside BC. Inspection is required for BC title.

TMU:     True mileage unknown.

REB:       Rebuilt Status. Passed Inspection & Rectified.

NO DECS: Vehicles are free & clear of the above declarations.